My Top 5 K-Drama OST.

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 5. AKMU (악동뮤지션)- 'Be With You' (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo OST, Part 12)
 AKMU never disappoint me. Their voice are always beautiful.  

4. Epik High (ft. Lee Hi)- 'Can You Hear My Heart' (Scarlet Heart:Ryeo OST, Part 6)
This song played when Jung Gi and IU are running away from castle. Their watching beach together. OMG. I almost cried at the moment. But seriously, Scarlet Heart Ryeo it the most heartbreaking drama I ever watch. T____T. Almost every episode, someone will die and die and die.
  3. For You (너를 위해) - Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin

I'm seriously not a fan of EXO. I don't know why, their music tak kena dengan jiwa sangat, but I don't hate them. but I love this song so much. Their voice are so calm and relaxing.

2. Crush – Beautiful Life (Goblin OST Part. 4) 
 To be honest, I don't watch Goblin yet. I'm not in mood to watch any kdrama right now. BUT THIS SONG IS REALLY AWESOME. When I heard it for the first time, I'm dying to know who sing this song. It give me lifeeee. WUUU.


1. 찬열 (CHANYEOL), 펀치 (Punch) - Stay With Me Goblin [OST Part 1]
 I just accidentally found this song when you know.. you're you youtube-ing and end up to some weird videos. HAHA. I keep replaying this song for whole day. But seriously, this song is really addictive. Once you listen, you might don't want to stop.  Currently my jam!

There are still a lot of good K-Drama OST. TBH, I love all Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST. 
So whats your fav? Share with me! ^^ and suggest me more music please. Hehe. 



  1. Rindu Hae Soo n Wang So T~T....btw OST Love For A Thousand More is my all the time fav...Kang Seung Yoon- You

    1. I've never listen OST Love For A Thousand More, maybe I should I give a try. ^^

  2. I love this post so much, I have listened to all OST mentioned. :D

    Don't you think that the starting of For You is so catchy and unique? ;D

  3. Hai. Just wanna tell you yg ai pminat full ost dots dgn my girl. Hahahahaha

    1. Ai pun minat ost my girl. best kot. tambah lagu yang macam rap sikit tu, lupa tajuk apa. hehe. dots punya ost pun best! ^^

  4. you love the ost songs you really should start watching goblin! I love all the ost too and completely in love with the drama

  5. Goblin did had some serious good osts lol :')


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