My first tamagoyaki ever!

Around a few days ago, I went to a supermarket for a little shopping with my family after visiting my twin sister.

So while my parents looking for their stuff, I also busy looking for my stuff too. YAY! but I don't find what I'm looking for, instead, I found this..

The smol-rectangle-pan! 

I ask my parents can I buy this, cause I've been dying to try something new. I spent my time khatam all those cooking videos. So, rasa macam nak try one lah. Kasi chance lah.. huhu!

My parents tanya untuk apa, I cakap untuk goreng telur. Ayah cakap dekat rumah dah ada dah tu tak guna pun. I told him yang tu lain, yang ni lain. Yang ada kat rumah tu untuk goreng telur jadi telur bentuk bunga. hehehe.

Walaupun nampak macam tak beberapa bagi.. tapi setelah beberapa kali rayuan. Hakim bersetuju untuk memberi peluang. HAHAHA.

So, today I try it out.

Not bad kan? kan?

 Not bad kan? kan? 

Alah telur gulung je, japan & korea ada style masing-masing. So ni telur gulung 'o' and sedikit garam.
Gonna practice until the chicken go extinct HAHAHA!

Hehehe tu je from sys today.
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