setelahku dimiliki..

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Setelahku dimiliki...
kau leburkan segala kata dan janji mu... 

Ara Johari - Bunga 

I fall in love with this song.
I really need to download this song so I can play it when I'm driving!

It's like love at first sight, so love at first sight, is kind of exist actually?

I like wow, she's really good! How can she tarik the chorus? She really amazed me you know. The chorus part really catchy I told you. I stumble to this song while I'm changing the radio station while waiting ciksu bought her ice-cream.

you know. I try to tarik too, wow, so kind of you la Aina..

 who knows, I can make a cover. But I bet the listeners will die just before I sing.
 I never knew the song actually exist until yesterday. The song was released back in October 2017.

and now the song is on repeat. I play it on youtube and set on a loop so I can hear until I muntah hijau.

I tried to listen to Surat Cinta untuk Starla because  a lot of people told me the song is really good, but the song just isn't really my cup of tea.

oh, this entry not about me getting married or in love or what. hahaha. kbai.


  1. She's a good singer ^_^ heheh I listen to some 'jiwangs' songs too sometimes but it doesn't mean that I'm in love hahah *at all! >_< k bye! haha ^^

    1. hahaaaaha, kann. I never know her until yesterday.
      me too. currently my mix playlist consist jiwangs song because their voice is really nice!

  2. Lagu ni akak suka gak...tapi akak prefer yang artis lain cover. Bukan yang Ara nyanyi hehehe

    1. kan best kan kak. hehe. tak pernah dengar lagi dengar yang orang cover, sapa yang cover paling best lagu ni kak? :D


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