Blessed & thankful.

Assalamualaikum peeps! //  beware, this post going to have a lot of picture.

Have you ever take a minute and see what you've now?

It could be anything or anyone. Like your parents, your sibling, your family, your friends... even your pets!

I just had this deep though while showering. HAHAHA. I guess it the best place to have a deep thinking?lol.

Anyway, I just going through my gallery. I just glad to see everyone is smiling, have a real conversation and fun. Like forgetting everything happen in past and not afraid what gonna happen in future. 

I just blessed and thankful ,  
to see my parents smiling when I come home.  
to hear my parents laugh when I called them. 
to hear my sister cry when she going something though
I know she is living, handling pain and studies. 

I just blessed and thankful , 
to see my friends happy.
cheering up and making new friends
to see them smile even tho I know every single one of them
is struggling with their own life. 

and for that, I don't know how much I dustakan nikmat yang Allah berikan. O Allah, please forgive me. 

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time's forever frozen still

-Photograph, Ed Sheeran

Thank you partner jogging! Berkelah dekat tasik, tukang belanja dan gaduh.

Ye, aku duduk dekat dengan pengatin sebab nak ambil berkat. hahahahahaha, kbai.

I just love this picture. I miss this gurl already!

Partner idiot, blur, co-pilot sejati sangat. HAHAHAH

Classmates tercinta! // First day final sem 2. beberapa hari sebelum kejadian barai yang teruk.

I guess, tu je rant malam ni. Out of nowhere tetiba rasa macam ni. Thank you for coming to my night talk!

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