How I overcome my fear to talk infront people.

Assalamualaikum and hello gais.

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 So, I just want to share my experience. How I overcome my fear to talk in front of a lot of people. It's not like I can be 100% confidence in front of audiences, but I'm not shaking hard as before. I'm not stuttering so much. For me, much better than before.

I've been tried to overcome this fear ever since I was 13 years old. I'm truly scared to talk in front of audiences. I forgot what I want to say, I don't do eye contact with anyone. Yes, that was me. A few years back then. Even I was a school presenter for a speech competition. I'm joining the competition because I want to face my fear.

Years pass by.

I learn slowly.

So now I can speak comfortably and less stuttering.

1. Research and study

This is the first step when I've given a task. I do some youtube-ing, google-ing. If possible read journals or article related to the topic you were assigned. It's ok to dig deeper. CONQUER YOUR TOPIC.

2. Make notes

I prefer to write in books. Bring out the important things, highlight it with the highlighter. Make a simple opening speech, jot down the important context.

3. Imagine & Practice

I do this when I'm taking my bath. Under a shower. I berlakon sorang-sorang. It doesn't matter where you want to imagine. But I do that in shower. I practice in my room, in front of some close and supportive friends.

4. Doa

Yes, doa. Whatever we do, ask Allah to help us in evey single thing we do. I pray to Allah, minta Allah berikan kefahaman kepada orang yang mendengar and as for me, Allah buatkan apa yang I cakap susun teratur. 

Extra tipss!

If you jenis nervous ketaq satu badan, bring along a pen, or book to make as your company.  Or if you seorang rabun, take of your spectacles. So you see less people. //this tips can't be applied on me since I tak rabun, but one of my lecturer's student dah try. soooo why not. ehek.

Soooo what's your tips to overcome your fear? Dropp yours! :D

Adios love, 


  1. I can relate. At times I do have fear facing so many people but for me, I am the kind who would 'redah' things and just try as hard as possible to make things work. ad soon I'll realise that things has ended that it's all over. thank god. and yes it take years too for me to build up that kind of courage to face other people. i am glad that you're able to overcome it. *big clap to you

  2. i do this tips for fyp and it was so satisfying. i should have done it earlier during degree so that i can really mastered the skills. i need to hold something big though. to hide my trembling. i can speak but i was trembling madly.


  3. sometimes I do all the things you stated above, but then on that day everything went horrible


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