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Assalamualaikum and olla. 

Noticed any changes on my blog? Yeh! I've changed the template/design. Been thinking to change the design a long time ago but I'm so damn lazy and don't have any motivation to do so. Early this morning while accompany my mom doing her work, I did this. Yes, sebab I tengah sangat bosan so why not?

I think design/template yang sebelum ni adalah design yang paling lama aku guna. Mungkin aku dah semakin tua, so I don't mind much how my blogs looks already. Kalau tak dulu memang setiap bulan ada ja aku ubah. But I guess, let's stick to this one till I really sick of it. 

But I have my three own reason why I change my template,

but beforeeeee tu, notice tak my blog have some pink now?! YEHEYEHE! I really miss this colour. pink is life!

Okay back on reasons why I'm changing this blog design. 


1. User experience (UX) not really good. 

Tbh, I do read my blog times to times because, I'm that narcissist. Nah, jk. I read my own blog because sometimes I tend to forget some event and my blog is kinda a reminder event for me. As if I dive into my own mind gituh. 

So while scrolling and read my own blog, I don't feel satisfied. Usually, when I click certain link, instead of bring me to the exact pages that I want, it shows another page. and I kinda hate that. 

2. I'm bored

That's it. No further explanation. thank yew. hahahaha

3. I just miss some pink on blog. 


Tbh, tadi sebelum aku tulis aku rasa banyak reasons aku nak tulis. And now suddenly I just only can came up with stupid reasons. Should I usung my laptop to toilet? Because I got a lot of  GOOD ideas while I was there. isdbihasdbijasbd. aaaaaaa. and now suddenly pooooff. I only left with unreasonable reasons. why aina why?


and now with this new design I feel much better to navigate on my phone. better than before this. if you don't mind drop your some thoughts! I really appreciate it. :) hehe thank you!

In anyway ignore the mess on image slider at the top of this blog. Because when you browse using phone it kinda pretty, but totally mess up on laptop. 

Here what i trying to say. Look how mess up. The image resolution aint uniform. So the view seems unpleasant. sobs.

but using phone is on another hand, i kinda like it. 

So yeah, end of my today rant. i might post more after this so I can get rid those annoying image slider. 

adios and have a nice day! :)

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  1. cantik color theme ni, jarang nampak orang guna kat blog :)


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