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Hello fellas!

My name is Nur Aina Hanis, known as Aina Akmal. Live in Kedah since from the day I born.

I make blog because I love to write, and not Malaysian don't really love to read. So, who cares bout my blog? Right? But it actually doesnt start like I-love-writing-so-I-need-blog. It actually start because one of my friend show me her blog. And I was like wow! I like how you can design your blog with your own style and creativity .

If I'm not mistaken, I start blogging on almost-mid-year 2011 which is around May I gues. 

Starting my blog link with lifeisstageofdream.bs.com and change to eynaeryna.bs.com.Why eyna? Most of my friend panggil aku ENA instead of Aina. bunyi panggilan tu. So one day one guy type my name like that on Facebook and I was like, I like this. So I make it longer and sounds more gediks

Later than, I delete that blog cause that blog full of sins. hahahaha. So this is my second blog, which is before this, I post my short story something like that with the url; fanfiction98.bs.com.  then lastly I change it to my name cause I like my name and feel a bit of matured?  

Nak kenal aku lebih lanjut,  acewahh.  Do follow me on Instagram, Like my FB page,  follow my G+ and follow this blog.  Ask. Fm pu boleh. 

Kalau nak tanya soalan apa-apa... Jemputlah tanya ye.  Jangan malu-malu.  Hehe.

Thanks korang sebab gigih baca hingga ke akhirnya.  Yaayy. Salam perkenalan dari saya!