Crush(s) who crushed my heart

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Hello there, it has been a while right?

Idk, suddenly I want to write something. I just kind of missing writing. Missing the feeling to rant out on blog, miss to pour my heart content here.

Recently I had crush on few guys, yesh. Few. A bit tamak kan. lol.

But no worries. I already lost interest in them.

They and their girls. I just can't bear with all those cheep gossip. So I move on.

I dont want to spill the tea. Cause the tea are hot. So let just keep it.


one thing I remember when I told my friend bout them.

one day you will someone deserve you (deserve each other). who will love you with all his heart. will take care of you and stand by you by all means.


She's right. 

One second, all my feeling to the boys start to fade. I need crush with quality, not someone with good looking and stuff.

I got my right to choose a person who I want to be with right?

So yeah I'm going to fill my head with due date of assignment, study and stuff. Final just around the corner. Stress month going to say hi to me soon! OMG. Pray me.

So, good night love

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